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The world's first "Move-To-Earn" game. Genopets tracks and monitors a player's movement via various smart fitness devices, and rewards the player for staying fit and healthy.

What we offer

We are proud to announce our partnership with Genopets.
In 2022 we purchased 917 Habitats for an average price of $136 each.
These assets are available to our members and enable the earning
mechanics inside of the Genopet Universe.
The game itself is a free to play game, you can mint a baby genopet and
level it up with only the Web3 gas fee required but if you want to take
the game to the next level, your pet will need a home.
This is where the Habitat comes in.
Having the ability to earn the in game utility token Ki as well as the
XP required to level up your pets.
Habitats also have the ability to refine crystals which are used to
repair the habitats and also craft powerups and cosmetics.
As a guild, we take care of all the maintence and all the crafting.
All you are required to do is walk each day, bank your steps in the game
and convert that energy into Ki.
We offer a different approach to most guilds because we are not focused
on the earning aspect, rather the owning. That is why all guild members
will OWN thier habitat once they successfully meet our terms.

How to get started

When successfully onboarded into Genopets you will be assigned a Habitat.<br />
The level you recieve will depend on your pet level and number of steps you can consistently compelte each day
Each Habitat is leased over a 6 month rental period (Level 2 and 3 habtats have the ability to extend this lease period for additional profits)
The cost of the lease (maintenece) is front loaded which means you are responsible to cover the costs first before any profits can be removed
Once costs are covered, you will convert into a 75 / 25 profit share weighted towards the member until such time as the cost of a habitat has been generated.
At this time the guild will mint you a habitat of your choice and you will OWN it. We will transfer it to your wallet and you can choose to use it or continue with the guild lease
If you continue with the Guild, you will move into a 50 / 50 profit split which is airdropped on a monthly basis until the lease ends.
Once a lease is complete you will have the option to continue with a new lease or retire as an elder community member.