đŸ’ȘCore Values

Our core values have shaped our community since the very beginning and are the lifeline of who we are and what we do. These three Core Values are the embodiment of all we stand for.

Be Respectful

We have respect for ourselves as well as for others. We face disagreements, but it never will be a reason for rude behaviour. By understanding one another, we are able to create a healthy environment.

Stay Positive

How you show up in the challenges is just as important as when things are good. Amidst the problems and frustrations that come with it, we maintain a positive mood by being contented, happy and hopeful.

Have Fun

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Here in Undisputed Noobs, we have fun while still keeping things professional. We keep in mind that life is for living and not to be too serious all the time.

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