💔Issues In Play-To-Earn Space

Barriers To Entry

One of the largest issues facing the Play-To-Earn space, is the cost of entry into a given game.

Whilst some games cost very little to get started, quite often, the returns are very little as well.

In order to play in some of the games that offer larger returns, a player will need to buy an NFT or game character, which is more often than not, unaffordable to most players.

Getting Started

After finding a game a player wants to take part in, they must then learn:

  • How to set up a Crypto Wallet

  • How to buy their character/s

  • How to start playing the game

  • How to earn a return in the game

  • How to cash out their earnings

Whilst the above is relatively simple, it can be daunting to new players, especially new players who are also new to the Crypto space.

Landscape Knowledge

Another large issue with the Play-To-Earn space, is the lack of knowledge regarding how tokenomics work, and how player decisions can influence the failure or success of a game's lifespan.

The majority of gamers want to play a game and cash out immediately, which can cause a drain on liquidity and token prices, without being aware that by holding or cashing out later, they actually increase the value of their particular token, allow the game's lifespan to increase, and yield a higher return overall.

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