How It Began

The Beginning

What started as a hedge against the Crypto bear-market in 2021, quickly turned into a world-wide operation to help people everywhere earn a sustainable income through the Play-To-Earn gaming revolution.
Undisputed Noobs is the brain-child of Steve Woody; an army veteran, business owner, author, and father, who sits on the board of many charities as their Digital Advisor, and loves gaming in his spare time.
The original name began as "Undisputed Noob".
You may wonder, “why the name ‘Undisputed Noob’? Isn’t ‘noob’ a derogatory term?”
Whilst “noob” is a derogatory term for a player who is new to a game, or a player who might not be particularly good at a game, Steve decided he wanted to reclaim power over the term, not just by “being a noob”, but by being the Undisputed Noob.
Since it's inception in 2021, thousands of gamers have joined the Undisputed Noobs movement.
Proud to be Noobs, players all over the world wear their title with pride, unafraid to play and enjoy the games they want to enjoy, without letting toxic members of the gaming community put them down or dishearten their activities.
What started as one “noob”, has now become an army of Noobs.
Because of this, Steve realised that being a "noob" wasn't just about him. As a large amount of gamers started to form around him, offering support to each other, sharing gaming strategies, building friendships, and developing a family-like community, Steve changed the name to "Undisputed Noobs" to reflect that community, and that everyone is welcome, providing they follow the Undisputed Noobs Core Values.