Guidance and Education

Undisputed Noobs takes away the hard-work and worry about getting started in the Play-To-Own space by offering guidance, tutorials, community, coaching, and investment upfront to new players.

By offering a "Membership" business model, a player will join the Undisputed Noobs community, and providing they meet our Core Values, will be recruited as a "Member".

Undisputed Noobs will then lease a particular NFT/Character/Team to the Member, in return for a percentage of their earnings.

This allows players to have access to the game/s they want to play and allows them to earn an income from playing those games, whilst simultaneously allowing Undisputed Noobs to build a treasury to re-invest into new projects and Scholars.

Alongside having an opportunity to earn, a Member will also be supported and given guidance through all aspects of Crypto, from setting up wallets, playing the game effectively to allow them to maximise their earning potential, cashing out their earnings into Fiat currency, and general Crypto knowledge, allowing them to trade/stake their Crypto for bigger returns if they wish.

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