❓What We Do

Play-To-Own Gaming

We scour the internet for quality teams with a solid infastructure who are building Crypto based Play-To-Own games that allow a user to enjoy a gaming experience whilst simultaneously earning a Crypto based reward, these assets are owned by the gamer which can later be sold on secondary markets. Due to the cost of entry to the majority of Play-To-Own games, a lot of potential users are unable to participate in a gaming experience without first having capital up-front, which often makes Play-To-Own games inaccessible to casual gamers. We provide a platform for gamers to be able to by-pass this barrier to entry, by purchasing the required assets to play the game, and then hiring these out to gamers in return for a percentage of all revenue generated.

De-Fi Yield Farming

Utilising our experience in the Crypto space, we find, research, and build various "Yield Farming" strategies that allow us to yield a higher than average APY return, ensuring that any potential loss that a volatile market may present, is mitigated as much as possible. This also allows us to build a treasury of funds to be able to re-invest into our Play-To-Own platform and provide more opportunities to more gamers.

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