đŸ‘„Grand Council

Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Steve Woody

A true to life rags-to-riches tale, Steve took a chance in Crypto and amassed a small fortune trading in the Crypto space, before finally realising his calling in the Play-To-Earn space. Steve can be found playing games, building back-end systems, and speaking with anyone that will listen.

CCO (Chief Coaching Officer)

Cody "Coach Cody" Hernandez

Coach Cody was recruited to Undisputed Noobs after watching one of Steve Woody's live streams. Whilst Steve was playing "Axie Infinity" live on stream, Cody offered to help coach Steve on how to utilise his team effectively, resulting in Steve winning multiple matches.

Cody understood and resonated with the vision of Undisputed Noobs, and as a result, we asked him to come onboard as our full-time Head Coach and Esports representative.

Cody used to play in the competitive gaming scene locally for multiple strategy based games such as Dota, Hearthstone, and Magic the Gathering. As a child, he was already an avid fan of gaming, from board games, consoles, pc games and mobile. Now he uses his gaming knowledge and skills to educate Undisputed Noobs' Scholars so they can maximise their earning potential while playing and providing for themselves financially.

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